Power of Philanthropy

Through most of its history, Gwinnett Medical Center has funded new facilities and services from earnings and borrowings. Traditionally, uncompensated care (indigent patients, charitable cases, bad debt) has also been paid for with these monies.

However, recent changes in reimbursement for healthcare and the rising cost of uncompensated care have dramatically impacted the ability of Gwinnett Medical Center to meet growing demands.

Gwinnett Medical Center Needs Your Charitable Contributions Now More Than Ever

To help ensure that Gwinnett Medical Center can continue to provide the best possible healthcare to our community, philanthropy is essential.  Every single dollar generated through your donations goes directly to the bottom line, enabling us to fund projects much more quickly. Through their support, the Foundation has raised more than $40 million in funding to support a variety of initiatives, such as the Strickland Heart Center, the Circelli Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Concussion Institute, the Gwinnett Breast CenterMason Pediatrics and the Graduate Medical Education program, just to name a few.