The Physician Champion Award

Gwinnett Medical Center is comprised of more than 800 exceptional physicians, who are all true leaders representing both the interests of their patients and GMC, as well as serving as examples of compassion, caring and service. The Physician Champion Award recognizes exceptional physicians, who specifically champion the fundraising efforts of the Foundation in support of the mission of GMC.

2020 – Dr. Kimberly Hutcherson

Past recipients of the Physician Champion Award

2009 – Dr. Manfred Sandler

2010 – Dr. Keith Carnes

2011 – Dr. Tony Landis

2012 – Dr. Paul Weinberg

2013 – Dr. Miles H. Mason, III

2014 – Dr. Jay Desai

2015 – Dr. Bill McGann

2016 – Dr. Leslie Leigh

2017 – Dr. Lanny Lesser

2018 – Dr. Murtaza Cassoobhoy

2019 – Dr. Carlton Buchanan